About Us

We make an effort to provide home decor items that is aesthetically pleasing and has a calming influence in your house. Our artifacts are of the highest quality, individually created, and lovingly made. We take pride in the work we put into creating each and every product. Although the entire procedure takes time, it is quite fascinating. We also provide full customisation for the majority of our products so you can get what you wish for.

At Anthea Creations we believe in preserving the talent, beauty, and art that artisans have to offer. Shreya Bhandari (the founder and chief artist of Anthea Creations) has always been committed to empowering women and creating a secure environment for them to cultivate their creativity and so she decided to make her business an all-women working space. In the early stages of this project, Shreya took her time and began reaching out to NGOs in the hopes of finding women with creative mindsets who could accompany her on her clay craft trip. Through her persistent efforts, she came across some incredible artisans. Shreya claims that she can tell right away if an artist is appropriate for dealing with a particular art style by looking at their hands.