Deco Clay Craft

Deco Clay Craft

Since we were young children, we have all been familiar with clay. We begged our parents to get some for us so that we could play with it for hours on end without ever becoming sidetracked. Remember how satisfying it was to shape a piece of clay into a cartoon character or other beautiful objects? It really was a lot of fun. That is what clay does; it is one medium that fosters inner creativity and self-expression.

Clay art has been practised for many years, and it can be moulded in any way to produce exquisite artefacts. Clay is widely used in a variety of artistic disciplines, including sculpture, pottery, jewellery making, and arts & crafts. One such kind of art is called Deco clay, which is a delicate, distinctive, and non-toxic clay that is light, smooth, and malleable. It needs min 24 hours to air dry to a solid consistency.

You can make practically anything with deco clay art, which is incredibly flexible and air-drying. Whether they be jewellery, showpieces, or flower arrangements. Even though this particular art form has been practised for a long time, only a handful of individuals are able to progress in it because it requires steady hands and persistence. 

Deco clay is available in a wide range of colours, and you can create many varieties of flowers using countless combinations. This clay is simple to combine in order to achieve the desired colour that is needed for a specific composition.

Let's take this lovely floral arrangement, which was wholly handcrafted by our talented artisans at our workshop, entirely out of deco clay. A really fulfilling process in and of itself is designing such pieces and seeing them come to life. Making an art creation requires careful consideration of every detail, including the colour palette. These complex arrangements call for concentration, commitment, and a certain approach.

These flowers appear as lovely and dazzling as fresh flowers, making them readily mistaken for real flowers. These items will undoubtedly command all of the attention in the room for this very reason. Since they will never wither or lose their colour, you can simply use them as decor or give them as gifts to your loved ones.

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