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The Making

We handcraft each flower, petal by petal. Our beautiful floral arrangements require steady hands and perseverance to create. Each petal is meticulously crafted by our experienced and professional artisans into lifelike flowers. The entire process is incredibly intricate and delicate, so every flower in an arrangement is examined with great care. Because each flower is different in some manner, it is essential to blend colours and shape the clay according to a certain technique.

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Discover our extensive selection of items, which includes glass, brass, marble, ceramic and custom hampers.

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Our Motto

We aim to provide you with everything you desire for your home aesthetics. Our floral Artwork is formed with unique design concepts and intricate work which is customised and handcrafted at our studio. At Anthea, we believe that flowers are the purest source of positivity and warmth, and our Art pieces have this essence __________________